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As a reliable Star smog check station in San Jose, we commit to providing high caliber services that you need and accomplish each procedure in a timely manner. While our expertise focus on smog check, we also offer other services, making us your one-stop shop for your smog check requirements. Let us assist you with your vehicle's smog check in one of our shops and complete the procedures immediately.
90 Day Free Retest Smog Check
As a car owner, we understand your worries in terms of failing smog test. Don't fret as we offer 90-day free retest in case your car failed to meet testing standards. Our Star smog check station in San Jose is always open to conduct smog recheck on your car within the aforementioned timeframe. Our prompt and efficient smog check service in San Jose will get you in and out of our shop quick with accurate results.

One Stop Star Smog Check Station in San Jose for Smog Check

Smog Hut is state of California licensed one stop star smog check test only station in San Jose to serve you. Our star smog check technicians are here to assist you and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are able to handle smog check for cars, RV's, limos, vans and trucks.
Smog Hut - Star Smog Check Station is famous for:
We are using computerized engine diagnostic analysis and repair tools for smog check and smog test. Our reputation is that of fast service, quality service, competitive pricing, dependability and honest hard work. Our prompt and efficient service will get you in and out of our smog shop quick with accurate results.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding Smog Check, please feel free to contact us at (408) 451-7000

Our Policy

Our policy is to offer the best service along with the fairest price of Star Smog Check in the area of San Jose and Santa Clara. Our goal is to help clean the air and most importantly you satisfaction. We provide Star Smog Check, Star Smog Test, Emissions Testing and Star Smog Certificate service in San Jose. Our clear ethical values fully match the "Test Only" approach, so we are proud in providing you with the best Smog Check service in San Jose. We test and certify all vehicles, cars, pickups, SUVs, vans, even diesels. Our customer service and satisfaction is unmatched!

All of our smog check technician are fast, experienced, friendly and professional. Smog Hut will try best to get you in and out within 15-20 minutes or less.


Call us at 408-451-7000 to learn more about our Smog Check Services.

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